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Help & advice

Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Make sure you use them safely and to their full potential with our technical advice and recommendations for use.


Practical information and an FAQ section with answers to all the questions you ever had about tyres!

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Trucks and buses

Edito kid playing with a truck on the beach Help and Advice

Un garçon joue avec son camion sur la plage - noir et blanc

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Effitires vérification de la sculpture du pneu

Maintenance and safety

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Tracteur montés en pneus MICHELIN AXIOBIB2 laboure un champ

Agricultural vehicles

Edito tyre marking Help and Advice

Le marquage d'un pneu agricole

The basics of agricultural tyres

Some essential rules for using your tyres correctly... and perhaps a few things you didn't already know!

axiobib at work

Tracteur équipés de pneus MICHELIN AXIOBIB


Find the right pressure

Road transport, plowing the land ... each use of your tyres needs the right pressure.

surface loader

Chargeuse de surface dans une carrière


Edito xcrane at work Help and Advice

pneu minning MICHELIN xcrane

Edito photo inflate your tyres Help and Advice

man with a white helmet checking a huge tire

Logo pressure advisor service Help and Advice

Pressure Advisor

Find the correct tyre inflation pressures for all your vehicles with the help of our tool, Pressure Advisor!

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classeurs de rangement pour stocker des informations

Reference documents

Product datasheets, pressure charts, technical brochures, infographics, warranties: all the documents you need are free to download here



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