Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Driving Experience

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Driving Experience

Michelin and original equipment

Tyres have an impact on your vehicles' general performance.
That is why vehicle manufacturers work hand-in-hand with Michelin on new machines.

The MICHELIN brand is accredited by the majority of manufacturers, in most categories of heavy goods vehicles, machines for construction, handling, mining and quarries, a very wide variety of freight, people and raw materials transport sector activities, on sites and on the road.

You can choose MICHELIN tyres suited to your nature of operation when you buy your new vehicle, on demand from your dealer. Fitting Michelin tyres gives you peace of mind thanks to their long-run performance levels in the areas of safety, longevity, and fuel savings.

Sustainable mobility is a key goal of the Michelin group, a global player in tyre and mobility services. That is why we work on a daily basis with vehicle manufacturers on products and services that help reduce CO2 emissions.

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