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Reading and understanding markings

How to read the sidewall of a construction, industrial or mining tyre... and find out all about it!

The basics

The markings on the sidewalls of your tyres provide information and guide you when choosing the product best suited to your needs.

Example of the MICHELIN X®MINE™ D2:

1. Nominal section width of the tyre (in inches): 35
2. Tyre series: aspect ratio = 0.65
3. Radial construction: R
4. Rim diameter (in inches): 33
5. Tyre load capacity: **
6. Type of use: loader (L) with very deep tread (5)
7. Radial tyre
8. Tyre for a loader
9. Tubeless tyre
10. Manufacturer: MICHELIN®
11. Range name: X®MINE™ D2

Edito tyre marking xmined2 Help and Advice

xmined2 tire


Edito tyre marking xcrane Help and Advice

Tire XCRANE 525/80 R25


- Radial construction
- Nominal section width of the tyre (in mm): 525
- Tyre series: aspect ratio = 0.80
- Rim diameter (in inches): 25
- Tubeless
- Brand: Michelin
- Tread Pattern: XCRANE +

12. Load index of the tyre: 170
13. Reference speed symbol of the tyre: F
14. Regroovable

Edito tyre marking xdr2 Help and Advice

xdr2 tire


- Radial construction
- Nominal section width of the tyre (in inches): 37
- Rim diameter (in inches): 57
- Tubeless
- Brand: Michelin

15. Tyre Compund: B4 (cf. see technical documents)

- Tread Pattern: XDR 2
- Identification code: E4
(transport, deep tread)
- Load capacity: **

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