Rigid Dump truck (RDT) fitted with MICHELIN mining tyres

Rigid Dump truck fitted with MICHELIN mining tyres

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When services equate to productivity

Choosing Michelin for your mining equipment is to make the choice of tyres known across world for their performance. But it also means being able to benefit from the advice of our experts, both on the ground and at your site. We specialise in all areas associated with your tyres and their application on site, aiming to help you to optimize their use.

Choosing Michelin is to have access to a range of services designed to make your mine more productive and to ensure that our high-technology products achieve their full performance potential.

Michelin, and its partners such as Klinge, offer a variety of services worldwide, such as tailored consulting and tyre related services. We aim to drive productivity and tyre life improvement through the continual monitoring of onsite conditions including maintenance and TPMS solutions.

Discover our services and solutions to maximise your vehicle utilisation and mine productivity:

man who can control mining operation and maintenance from his desk

mining control at distance

Engineering Industry concept with mining quarry with lots of machinery at work - view from above.This area has been mined for copper, silver, gold, and other minerals

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Mining diagnosis

Two people who are doing mining diagnosis

Man and woman working in an open-pit

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Graphe reprezenting mining activities and gain of productivity

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Reach your productivity and safety goals with proven services and solutions.

Get more out of your mining equipment than ever before!

With MICHELIN Consulting & Services, find new opportunities to grow profitability and cut costs by partnering with Michelin to increase productivity, improve safety and decrease downtime.

Audits, seminars, trainings, expert diagnosis, our customized services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

You can tap into the power of a dedicated team of industry experts, state-of-the-art measurement tools, and a suite of analyses with actionable recommendations.

MICHELIN Consulting and Services logo

MICHELIN Consulting and Services logo

Discover the consulting and services our team can provide.

Ready for a study or diagnosis on your site?


TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS): Remotely controlling and maintaining the tyres throughout their lifetime

MICHELIN MEMS LITE : TPMS solution for your mine vehicles

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Adapted for quarry and surface mining sites, this offer has been designed as an entry level solution to keep your mine connected, protected and productive.

Suitable for Rigid dumper truck <150 T and fitted with tyres from 49'' to 51''

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Specially designed for the tough environment of surface mining, MICHELIN MEMS 4 is a best selling TPMS on the Market thanks to its real time connection.

More adapted for RDT >150 T and fitted with tyres from 57'' to 63''

Safety, savings, tyre longevity... contact an expert to define the best MICHELIN MEMS solution for your site

Background photo mining 6 Mining and quarries

Site Severity Survey:

Analysis of On-Site Conditions

Tyre longevity is highly dependent on runway maintenance conditions:

  • presence of stones,
  • ruts/corrugations,
  • drainage efficiency,
  • etc..

This is why our technicians are able to carry out site audits and propose improvement measures.

Stay tune on all innovation, technologies, tools...available to support your business.

MICHELIN Sustainable solutions:

Durability, management of the recycling and recovery of used tyres

Tool to improve durability

Miner inflating rigid dump truck tyre

Earthmover tire inflation

With these tools at your service, your tyres last longer and your environmental footprint is reduced.


The Michelin Mining / Civil Engineering team also has an advisory role, assisting its partners in reducing their environmental footprints. Michelin’s field experts have a tool that, by measuring parameters such as the real loads of machines, track profiles (climbs, descents, bends, etc.) and driving cycles (accelerations, braking, etc.), can estimate your tyres’ carbon footprint.

With the MICHELIN MEMS solutions, you can remotely control a tyre's pressure and temperature in real time, making it possible to optimise tyre use and thus cut down machine and lorry downtimes, reduce tyre maintenance burdens and ensure greater safety for the operators.

Recycling and recovery of used tyres

Edito photo inspection tyre em Help and Advice

man checking a tire

Wherever it can, Michelin supports and helps to set up structures to deal with the collection and recycling of used tyres.


Mining and Civil Engineering tyres, depending on their size, can be treated by the same recovery channels as all other types of tyres. A number of industries around the world have turned to used tyres as an alternative fuel in the furnaces of their thermal power stations, industrial boilers, incinerators, cement works, etc. In the United States, more than 150 million tyres have been transformed and used to generate energy over the course of the last ten years.

Used tyres have also found many other applications: incorporated in the constructions of waterproof structures, used as infill for earthworks or put to use in noise-resistant walls, they constitute a raw material possessing numerous advantages. They can also be found in road surfaces, increasing their durability and cutting down traffic noise.

Repairable tyre

Change of rigid dump truck tyre

engin dumper mining tyre change

All our Mining, Civil Engineering and Handling tyres are repairable to the extent of the damage they have suffered.
Discover our advice for repairing tyres.

Know more

All our Mining, Civil Engineering and Handling tyres are repairable to the extent of the damage they have suffered. Any repair must be carried out by a Michelin-accredited professional. It will enable you to extend the life of your tyre.

Get the best of your MICHELIN mining tyres

background photo mining 5 help and advice

Find the right earthmover tyres

Extreme solutions for extreme conditions. Find the right earthmover tyres for your site.

Michelin man providing tips and advice to miner

Mining : michelin tips and advice for your mine vehicles

Worker sitting on heavy excavation machinery in mining operation

Michelin Technical Help and Advices

Make sure you have the tips and information to ensure your safety and optimize the use of your tyres.

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Our mining community

MICHELIN Mining offers a complete portfolio of products, support, services and solutions designed to bring more value to you.

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Klinge logo and mining work environment

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Discover Klinge, an australian tyre software, training and consulting company with a broad range of experience in the off the road and mining industries.


Discover Klinge, an australian tyre software, training and consulting company with a broad range of experience in the off the road and mining industries.


Mining Consultants

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