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"TWEEL" airless technology

Break free from maintenance constraints and risks of punctures with our MICHELIN X®TWEEL® range designed for
small construction and handling machines (compact/skid steer loaders).

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Tweel®, our airless radial tyre technology in one single fitted unit

MICHELIN® TWEEL® is a complete wheel + airless radial tyre fitted unit: can in certain applications replace the conventional wheel and tyre assembly.

The key components of this innovative solution are:
• Tread optimised for the intended use.
• High-resistance poly-resin spokes which support weight and absorb impacts, helping make the ride smoother, and provide an energy transfer that reduces tyre bounce.
• A two-piece reinforced steel hub.

There is no need for complex wheel/tyre mounting equipment. Once fitted, there is no air pressure to maintain. In some specific applications, our tweel tyres can perform the same tasks as a traditional pneumatic tyre, but without the inconveniences and downtime associated with punctures.


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MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL airless tyres are ideal for small construction sites or industrial and agricultural handling, fitted to compact (Skid Steer) loaders such as the Bobcat.

Michelin X Tweel Airless Radial Tyre Family

Michelin Tweel Family of Products

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